Trowell, Samuel

A new treatise of husbandry, gardening, and other curious matters relating to country affairs

Containing, a plain and practical method of improving all sorts of meadow, pasture and arable land, &c. and making them produce greater crops of all kinds, and at much less than the present expence. Under the following heads: I. Of wheat, rye, oats, barley, pease, beans, and all other sorts of grain. II. Turnips, carrots, buckwheat, clover, hemp, rape, flax and coleseed, &c. III. Weld or would, woad or wade, madder, saffron, &c. IV. Meadow, pasture grounds, and the different manner of feeding cattle and making other improvements agreeable to the soil of the several counties in great britain. V. Hops, forest and fruit trees vine and garden plants of all sorts. VI. All kinds of flowers, shrubs in general, and greenhouse plants. VII. A curious scheme of a farm, the annual expence of it, and its produce. With many new, useful, and curious improvements, never before published
The whole founded upon many years experience. By Samuel Trowell, gent. To which are added, several letters to Mr. Thomas Liveings, concerning his compound manure for land, with some practical observations thereon