Markham, Gervase

A way to get wealth

By approved rules of practice in good husbandry and huswiferie. Containing the foure principall offices which support and maintaine a familie. As I. The husbanding and inriching of all sorts of grounds, making the barren equal with the most fruitfull. with the reducing to their first perfection all grounds wether arable or pasture, spoyled by the overflowing of salt water, or sea-breaches, and the inriching of the hop-garden, & other knowledges not published before. Also the preseruation of graine, and a computation of men & cattels labors. II. The ordering and curing, with the natures, breeding, use, & feeding of all sorts of cattell and fowle, fit for the vse of man: as also the riding and dieting of horses, either for warre or pleasure. III. The office of the english housewife in physicke, surgerie, extraction of oyles, banquetting stuffe, ordering of feasts, preserving of wines, conceited secrets, distillations, perfumes, ordering of wooll, hempe, flax, dying, use of dayries, malting, brewing, baking, and the profit of oates. IIII. The office of planting and grafting, and the inriching of grounds for that purpose. The office of gardening, and the ornaments thereto. With the husbanding of bees, & other things of that nature
The first three bookes gathered by G.M. The last by Mr. William Lawson, for the benefit of the empire of Great Britain. And all these newly corrected and augmented by the authors