Heresbach, Conrad

The whole art of husbandry

Contained in foure bookes. Viz. I. Of the farme or manssion house, offices and accommodations of earable ground, pasture and medowe. II. Of gardens, orchards, and woods. III. Of breeding, feeding, and curing of all manner of cattell. IIII. Of poultrie, fowle, fish, and bees, with the whole art (according to these last times) of breeding and dyeting the fighting cock, and the art of angling.
First written by Conrade Heresbatch, a learned nobleman, then translated by Barnaby Googe Esquire, and now renewed, corrected, enlarged, and adorned with all the experiments and practises of our english nation, which were wanting in the former editions. By Captaine Garvase Markham. All the new additions you shall find to begin with this marke [pointing hand] and to end with this *
Hrsg. v. Barnabe GoogeGervase Markham
Foure bookes of husbandry