Blagrave, Joseph

New additions to the art of husbandry

Comprizing a new way of enriching meadows, destroying of moles, making tulips of any colour. With an approved way for ordering of fish and fish-ponds, and destroying the hern; and to take carp or tench in any muddy pond. How to take all manner of birds, small and great with birdlime. To make cabbidges and garden-beans grow large in any barren ground. A new way to destroy all manner of field mice. How to make arbors become as shady in one year as in seven. To water an orchard after a new fashion. To make old decayed fruit-trees become great bearers, and watrish fruit to become firm and sweet. Also how to order melons, cucumbers, and pompions. With a brief way to set and sow all manner of physical herbs, that they may thrive and prosper. And the true way for drying of herbs, in plain and easie directions; and all to be performed with very little charge. With directions for breeding and ordéring all sorts of singing-birds; with remedies for their several maladies, not before publickly made known