Worlidge, John

Systema agriculturae

The mystery of husbandry discovered. Wherein is treated of the several new and most advantagious ways of tilling planting sowing manuring ordering improving all sorts of gardens, orchards, meadows, pastures, corn-lands, woods, & coppices. And of all sorts of fruits, corn, grain, pulse, new hays, cattel, fowl, beasts, bees, silk-worms, &c. With an account of the several instruments and engines useful in this profession. To which is added, kalendarium rusticum, or, the husbandmans monethly directions. Also the prognosticks of dearth, scarcity, plenty, sickness, heat, cold, frost, snow, windes, rain, hail, thunder, &c. And dictionarium rusticum, or, the interpretation of rustick terms