Garden guide

The amateur gardeners' handbook. Tells you how to raise flowers, fruits and vegetables, how to plan, plant and maintain the home grounds, the suburban garden, the city plot, the summer vacation garden. How to care for roses and other favorite flowers, hardy plants, trees, shrubs, lawns, porch plants, window box plants and house plants. How to make a rock garden, a water garden and a wild flower garden. With chapters on pruning, propagation, transplanting, fertilizers, diseases, insect pests, weeds, tools, greenhouses and conservatories, garden frames. Winter storage, canning and preserving, birds and bird house building, goldfish in the garden pool, animal life in the garden, garden furniture. And a calendar of garden operations for the northern and middle states, for the central, upper and lower south and for California
Profusely illustrated with 300 reproductions from photographs, diagrams and teaching plans. By twenty-eight experts, each an authroity on the subject presented
Hrsg. v. Alpheus T De La Mare
Seventh edition. Second printing
de la MareNew York1942
The amateur gardeners' handbook (De La Mare)