Miller, Philip

The gardeners and florists dictionary, or a complete system of horticulture

Containing, I. The culture of a kitchen garden, giving directions for the choice of seeds, sowing, planting, and ordering all sorts of esculent herbs, plants, roots, &c. II. Of a fruit garden, or orchard, as to planting, grafting, inoculating, pruning, &c. all sorts of fruit-trees. III. Of a flower garden, as to the raising and nurture of all kinds of flowers, either natives, or naturaliz'd in England. IV. Of all kinds of plants, shrubs, flowery-shrubs, under-shrubs, and ever-greens, native or exotick, now in use for adorning gardens, walks, wildernesses, &c. V. Of all sorts of englijh trees proper for avenues, shady walks, groves, &c. VI. Directions for laying out parterres, compartments, &c. VII An account of soils, dungs, composts, &c. proper for each particular plant. VIII. An account of the nature and use of weather instruments, as barometers, hygrometers, and thermometers, proper for gardeners; and also prognosticks of the weather, according to the accuratest observations of the most accomplisli'd astronomers and natural philosophers. IX. The origin causes and nature of meteors, as rain, hail, frost, snow, winds &c. of the elements as water, earth, air, fire, their particular uses in the business of vegetation. X. An explanation of the terms of art used in gardening and botany
To which is added, a catalogue of curious trees, plants and fruits, from which any gentleman may collect at pleasure, what may be useful or ornamental to his gardens. By Philip Miller, gardener of the botanick garden at Chelsea
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