Devoto, John

The builder's dictionary, or, gentleman and architect's companion

Explaining not only the terms of art in all the several parts of architecture, but also containing the theory and practice of the various branches thereof, requisite to be known by masons, carpenters, joiners, bricklayers, plaistereres, painters, glaziers, smiths, turners, carvers, statuaries, plumbers, &c. Also necessary problemes in arithmetic, geometry, mechanics, perspective, hydraulics, and other mathematical sciences. Together with the quantities, proportions, and prices of all kinds of materials used in building; with directions for chusing, preparing, and using them: The several proportions of the five orders of architecture, and all their members, according to Vitruvius, Palladio, Scamozzi, Vignola, M. Le Clerc, &c. With rules for the evaluation of houses, and the expence calculated of erecting any fabrick, great or snall
The whole illustrated with more than two hundred figures, many of them curiously engraven in copper-plates. Being a work of great use, not only to artificers, but likeswise to gentlemen, and others, concerned in building, &c. Faithfully digested from the most approved writers in these subjects
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