Gordon, D.

Every young man's companion

Containing directions for spelling, reading, and writing english. Instructions in the art of penmanship. Epistolary writing, containing letters of compliment and business. Forms of address to persons of all ranks. Arithmetic, vulgar, fractional, decimal, logarithmetical, and algebraical. Practical geometry. Astronomy, or an account of the globe, fixed stars, planets and comets. Geography, or a general account of the world, and a particular description of great-britain and ireland, plain trigonometry. The resolution of astronomical questions. The making and fixing all kinds of dials. The measuring superficies, solids, timber, carpenters, bricklayers, plaisterers, painters, glasiers, and joiners work, &c. Surveying of land. Gauging of casks, with a description of everard's gauging-rule. The gardener's calendar, shewing what work is to be done every month in the kitchen, flower, and fruit garden. Farriery, or the art of knowing and curing the diseases of horses. Useful receipts of various kinds. The art of making rockets, and artificial fireworks. The method of painting [dials], rooms, timber work, and mezzotinto prints on glass, and of the making and mixing colours. The art of colouring maps, plots, and prints