Fisher, George

The instructor, or, young man's best companion

Containing spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person without the help of a master. Instructions to write variety of hands, with copies both in prose and verse. How to write letters on business or friendship. Forms of indentures. Bonds, bills of sale, receipts, wills, leases, releases, &c. Also merchants accompts, and a short and easy method of shop and book-keeping; with a description of the product, counties, and market-towns in England and Wales; and a list of the fairs according to the new style. Together with the method of measuring carpenters, joiners, sawyers, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, masons, glaziers, and painters work. How to undertake each work, and at what price; the rates of each commodity, and the common wages of journeymen; with the description of Gunter's line, and Coggeshall's sliding rule. Likewise the practical gauger made easy; the art of dialling, and how to erect and fix dials; with instructions for dying, colouring, and making colours; and some general observations for gardening every month in the year. To which is added, the family's best companion; with instructions how to pickle and preserve; to make divers sorts of wine; and many excellent plaisters, and medicines necessary in all families: and a compendium on the sciences of geography and astronomy; containing a brief description, of the different parts of the earth, and a survey of the celestial bodies. Also some useful interest tables
Millar, Cadell, and CaterLondon1798