Shirley, John

The illustrious history of women, or, a compendium of the many virtues that adorn the fair sex

Represented not only in lively and pathetical discourses grounded upon reason, but in sundry rare examples of virtuous love, piety, prudence, modesty, chastity, patience, hnmility [sic], temperance, conduct, constancy, and firmness of mind; with what else in the like nature is necessary for the accomplishment of the most celebrated beauties. With other examples of women, skill'd in the most curious arts and sciences. To which are added, the examples of warlike women, their noble exploits and victories: with the prophesies and predictions of the Sybils, in relation to the incarnation, continuance upon earth, death, resurrection and ascention of our blessed saviour: and as an apendix, the character of a virtuous woman in all her capacities. The whole work enrich'd and intermix'd with curious poetry and delicate fancie, sutable to so charming a subject