Bailey, Nathan

The universal etymological English dictionary: In two parts

Containing, I. An additional collection 1. of some thousands of words not in the former volume, with their etymologies and explications: Also accented, to direct to their proper pronunciation. 2. Of a considerable number of terms of art in anatomy, botany, heraldry, logick, mathematicks, philosophy, physick, and all other arts and sciences, together with their explications, etymologies and engraven schemes, where necessary, for the more easy and clear apprehending them. 3 Of proper names of persons and places in Great Britain, with their etymologies from the antient british, saxon, and norman french languages, &c. 4. The theogony, theology, and mythology of the egyptians, greeks, romans, &c. being an account of their deities, solemnities, religious or civil, oracles, auguries, hieroglyphicks, &c. necessary to be understood; especially by the readers of english poetry. II. An orthographical dictionary, shewing both the orthography and orthoepia of the english tongue, by 1. Accents placed on each word, directing to their true pronunciation. 2. Asterisms, distinguishing those words of approv'd authority from those that are not. 3. Their various senses and significations, in english, and also french and latin, for the sake of foreigners, who desire an acquaintance with the english tongue. 4. The idiom, phrases, and proverbial sentences, peculiar to it. A work useful for such as would understand what they read, and hear; speak what they mean in a proper and pure diction; and write true english. Vol. II