A supplement to Dr. Harris's Dictionary of arts and sciences

Explaining not only the terms in physics, metaphysics, ethics, theology, history, geography, antiquity, chronology, grammar, rhetoric, logic, poetry, pharmacy, medicine, chymistry, surgery, phytology, war, polity, navigation, architecture, painting, sculpture, music, commerce, trade, husbandry, manage, horticulture, &c. &c. &c., but also the arts and sciences themselves: together with a just account of the origin, progress, and state of things, offices, officers, and orders, ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial; the several sects, systems, doctrines, and opinions of divines, heresiarchs, schismatics, philosophers, mathematicians, physicians, critics, antiquaries, &c. also an account of all sacred books and writings; history of general and particular councils; all solemnities, rites, ceremonies, fasts, feasts, statutes, laws, plays, sports, games, habits and utensils: in all which, (as likewise in metaphysics, theology, antiquity, grammar, rhetoric, poetry, polity, and other miscellaneous subjects,) this book is of itself entirely compleat, and more copious and extensive than any work of this kind, not excepting Mr. Chambers's Cyclopaedia, of which it is a very great improvement, containing upwards of eleven hundred articles which that author has omitted; besides great additions and improvements in almost every article; and will, with Dr. Harris's two volumes, make the most useful set of books, and compleat body of arts and sciences yet extant: being carefully compiled from the best and most approved authors in several languages. By a society of gentlemen
Universal english dictionary of arts and sciences